Add Church

Here you can add your church to To avoid duplicates please check up whether the church is already in the directory before you submit this form (Map or Search).

Address, Denomination and Hierarchy

Please make an appropriate choice for the type. "Church union" refers to a union of more than one Catholic church (independent of the concrete term for the union).

The superior level for Catholic parishes is the deanery, for deaneries the diocese respectively for other churches the church district, for church districts the regional church. If an entry for the superior authority does not exist yet, please create one before (do not forget to check "has subordinate level").

Please only check the option "has subordinate Level" if this church shall be added to the "superior level" selection (therefore only for deaneries etc.). Don't check this option for parishes!

URLs of the Website and the Social Network Pages

Please only submit public websites and social network pages (i. e. no Facebook groups, but only public Facebook pages).

If a website can be accessed encrypted (i. e. with https), please enter the URL with https.

Please only send this form once with the same data (otherwise you create multiple identical entries). In the case of errors in entries please contact kontakt [ät] kirchen-im-web [punkt] de.