The Project

About the project

Old Catholic churches are shown in orange, Anglican ones in green, Protestant ones in purple, free churches in blue, Catholic ones in yellow and others/oecumenic ones in red.

We want to show that many parishes, regional churches and dioceses are do a good job in public Relations and present those with their websites and social network pages. also compares the follower numbers of the social network pages.

Our Project is oecumenic, i. e. regardless whether Protestants, Catholic or free church - all can participate.

How to I register a / my church?

For the directory we need the addresses, the websites and social media pages. Because this is public available Information, this has only to be collected and maintained. Everyone who wants to spend a little time on this can help.

What is the difference to similiar Projects?

You have a question not answered here?

Contact us! Of course suggestions for improvement are welcome.